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Where tax professionals become experts. Complimentary, web-based, ASC 740 curriculum that builds deep technical knowledge.


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What is the Tax Prodigy Provision Academy?

The Tax Prodigy Provision Academy is a collection of complementary ASC 740 training courses and resources designed to increase your ASC 740 expertise. The content is based on the same methodology used in ASC 740 courses offered at a prominent Masters of Business Taxation program. The Tax Prodigy Provision Academy is led by the same tax professionals who developed Tax Prodigy Provision™.

What courses do you offer?

The Framework Series courses cover a wide variety of technical ASC 740 topics ranging from NOLs, state taxes and stock compensation to uncertain tax benefits, valuation allowances and international provisions. We also offer bi-weekly webinars on a variety of technical ASC 740 topics, process discussions and other related issues. We also have plans to expand the variety and depth of the courses in the near future!

How do I register for The Academy?

The process is so easy! See that green button that says "Sign Up" Just click that in, create your username and password and you can start learning!

How much does it cost?

FREE! You receive complimentary access to all of the Tax Prodigy Provision courses once you register.