1.  an exhausting tax process that takes way too much time and energy.

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  1. a place of study or training in a special field.

pro·vi·sion a·cad·e·my

/prəˈviZHən/   /əˈkadəmē/


  1. providing you expert training, complimentary courses, and insights into all things ASC 740.

The Tax Prodigy Provision Academy is a complimentary service that provides technical training on ASC 740. The Provision Academy was created to give you the best technical training on all things ASC 740... the best part... It is absolutely free.  The Academy was created by the same tax professionals that developed the Tax Prodigy Provision Software ensuring that you have all of the necessary tools for advanced training on technical tax issues. We are here to help. With the Tax Prodigy Provision Academy, you will build your provision expertise with training, engaging webinars and an up to date course selection. The Provision Academy is truly the missing link to make professionals become experts.


Tax Prodigy is a SaaS company dedicated to providing you, the tax professional, with solutions that will allow you to spend your precious time thinking and working with tax issues instead of fighting with archaic (yet expensive) software, memorizing byzantine code, or debugging kludge spreadsheets.

The Tax Prodigy Team is made up of tax and technology professionals with years of experience. While implementing and working with the competitions' products, we decided there had to be a better way. Turns out we were right! It's time for you to experience the "what's possible" and become a Tax Prodigy yourself.

Tax Prodigy Provision is the simplest solution to the complex technical issues inherent in your ASC 740 process. Our unique approach moves you efficiently from your Facts to Footnotes.