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“Our Big 4 auditors said that typically when clients implement ASC 740 software it is harder for them but that with Tax Prodigy Provision their process actually got easier"
- Tax Director, Global Fortune 500 Corporation 

Tax is complex.  ASC 740 is complex.  Your ASC 740 software solution should be... 


  • Tax Prodigy Provision's layout is simple and self explanatory, with just 9 screens to navigate from Facts to Footnote.

  • There are no configuration screens, separate modules, system codes or add-ons to worry about; just one simple approach.

  • Tax Prodigy leverages the work you are already doing. Data can be easily uploaded from your spreadsheet workpapers into Tax Prodigy Provision.

Finally an income tax provision / ASC 740 software solution that comprehensively addresses all of your technical issues.

Tax Prodigy Provision ASC 740 Software d


  • Tax Prodigy Provision is the most comprehensive technical ASC 740 calculation engine on the market. The software easily addresses the entire range of complex technical topics. 

  • Whether you have a settlement of a foreign uncertain tax benefit (UTB) that is netted against an NOL deferred tax asset or an entity in a unitary state, current calculation that needs to reflect a modification for the exclusion of foreign dividends, Tax Prodigy Provision will make dealing with your specific facts fast and easy. 

  • By utilizing the required ASC 740 balance sheet approach for each jurisdiction, your rate reconciliation is always tied out to the income tax expense that "falls out"

Tax Prodigy Provision is the only enterprise ASC 740 software that you can implement...


  • With today’s increased scrutiny and compressed timelines, you need income tax provision software that can be implemented quickly. Most companies implement Tax Prodigy Provision in 30 days or less!

  • You don't have time to wait for your ASC 740 software to calculate. Tax Prodigy Provision is designed to keep you moving. Focus your time on the real issues in you tax provision process not your software solution.

Technology and SOX

  • With Tax Prodigy Provision’s secure, state-of-the-art, cloud computing architecture there is no software to install and IT involvement is not required.

  • You can log into Tax Prodigy Provision from any modern web browser and easily move information to and from your spreadsheet workpapers.

  • With a full audit trail, commenting/review features and extensive user permissions management, you have full control over who does what and when.

  • If a picture says 1,000 words how many words does a video say? Our video-first approach to online support keeps you moving

“The move to Tax Prodigy Provision has allowed us to focus on value added items versus wasting time updating spreadsheets”
- Todd Suchevits, VPTax, Inc.

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Tax Prodigy Provision is the only ASC 740 software solution that you get to use before you buy.


Don't be trapped by your existing provision process. Tax Prodigy challenges the paradigm around traditional tax technology software implementations.

Tax Prodigy Provision's simple, sophisticated design has allowed highly-complex, multinational, Fortune 500 companies to move from demo to completed ASC 740 software implementation in under 30 days.